About Us

The idea behind ShapeSciFx

Physics, biology, mathematics and science in general provides fascinating concepts. Passionated people (as we are in ShapeSciFx and probably, you too) find that some mechanisms, technologies and theories contain an intrinsic beauty. Then, it should be easy to make science very popular and to attract people to the very multiple fields in science by presenting them the beauty revealed by science. But, in contrary, science in mainstream media is only parcimoniously depicted and consequentely is considered as an obscure area only devoted to persons we would rather not have as guests to spend a joyful evening.

Based on this fact, ShapeSciFx has been created to give the chance to science to reveal its beauty through the use of tools which are usually devoted to areas where the esthetical aspect of a product is fundamental (architecture, computer-animated films, video games). In another words, ShapeSciFx adds a layer of a polish to an already nice object to make it more appealing. Luckily (but not modestly), we hope that we will contribute in changing the general opinion towards science and scientists and help science to reach more medias.Besides the esthetic part, we want to use our expertise to help scientists to produce a more easily interpretable message. A quality picture can directly transmit the idea it is based upon and then reduce the amount of efforts to explain a concept. Efforts and time. While a good communication has to be very efficient and when there is so few time available to convince people of the interest or the validity of a concept, a sharp picture can help to save precious time during presentation.

These requirements were the driving force which push the founder of ShapeSciFx, Lionel Trésaugues, to create the company in October, 2014.

ShapeSciFx characteristic visual style

While we are able to create any type of graphics, from a simple outlined sketch to complicated three-dimensionnal figures, our archetypal visual style can be described as photorealistic. Even when we represent basic, conceptual elements or schematic representations of molecules or other entities, we think that the use of a photorealistic scene always add these two qualities to a picture :

  • esthetic : nice reflections on a smooth surface or soft shadows projected on a neighbor object are immediately catching the sight of the destinary of the image. This moment, when the attention is caught by nice looking details, can help the viewer to decide in going deeper in the understanding of your message. Adding some visual quality to a picture is also a form of respect towards the viewer and this will give you a position of strength in a discussion by using a professional look.
  • clarity : we all know (instinctively) how the light reacts when it hits a metallic or a ruguous surface. We also all know how it is differently deflected when it passes through glasse or semi-transparent plastic. This basic knowledge helps us to precisely understand the shapes of objects and their relative position. By applying familiar materials to objects, ShapeSciFx will help the viewers to instantaneously understand the setup of a scene and to immediately become familiar with the objects present on the scene even if this is the first time they see them and independantly of their complexity. Once again, this can result in a precious gain of time and give your message a bigger chance to reach its audience.

ShapeSciFx philoshophy

The works produced by ShapeSciFx aim to respect these five essential objectives :

  1. High standard of quality : our main goal is to provide scientists media realized using state-of-art technologies. In other words, ShapeSciFx wants to make these technologies accessible so you can also benefit of the esthetism and the realism they guarantee. We can of course generate very quickly low resolution media using tools that you are very likely able to use yourselves, but this is not our strength. Our ultimate ambition is to help you to reach your customers and to help science to reach mainstream media. To do so, the first step is to produce a very polished appealing product and this is our strength.
  2. Respect of deadlines : evolving in a highly competitive environment implies to be able to perfectly plan one´s time. While using our services, you can be assured that you will be delivered the products on the expected date. Once you give us a task, you can simply forget it and the results will be there on the time we agreed on.
  3. Accuracy : whether you are selling a very high-tech product or planning to present to experts a brilliant theory, you don´t want your message to be damaged by too much creative freedom. Our experience in science assures you that your message will be transmitted unaltered and will be as fidel as you wish to your product or concept
  4. Interactivity : as previously explained in other pages on this site, you can be a leading force in the projects you give to ShapeSciFx. Through the inital meetings, the choice of the options we will propose and the use of our revision process, you can really decide and orient the look of the final product we will deliver. If you don´t want to play an acting role in the design, we can of course deal with it without your help.
  5. Confidentiality : once again, highly competitive environment requires to be cautious when outsourcing projects. The unilateral non-disclosure agreement we will sign prior our first meeting is the guarantee that all confidential informations that will be exchanged will not be propagated by ShapeSciFx.

ShapeSciFx administrative status

ShapeSciFx is a Stockholm (Sweden) -based company registered at Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Office) under the regim of "enskild firma" (sole trader) on September, 15th, 2014.

ShapeSciFx Momsreg.nr/VAT-nr (Tax Registration Number) is SE770526083901.

Our agency is located at Sturehillsvägen 23, 11756 Stockholm, Sweden.

Who we are

Lionel Trésaugues

Lionel Trésaugues holds a PhD in "Structure, Function and Ingeniery of Proteins", obtained at Université Paris-Sud (France) in 2006. He has performed post-doctoral stages at Structural Genomics Consortium, Stockholm (2007-2011) before joining the Division of Biophysics in the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, first as a post-doc, then as a Senior Lab Manager since January 2014. From 2011 to now on, he also works as a crystallographer in the fragment-based drug-design company, Sprint bioscience (Stockholm). Lionel is a biochemist with a strong specialization in protein crystallography and protein structure analysis. In parallel, he studied 3D modelling and the technologies required to produce high-quality digital media. He then decided to combine these two aspects to create ShapeSciFx in order to give the chance to the scientific community to benefit from the technological progress in the digital media ecosystem.