Structure (Vol. 24 (5), 2016)



Cover of Structure (Vol. 24 Iss. 5, May 3, 2016)

One example of our work was featured on the cover of the May 2016 issue of Structure. This picture illustrates the article on the Sister Chromatid Cohesion Establishment Factor ESCO1 written by Ekaterina Kouznetsova, Takaharu Kanno and their colleagues from Karolinska Institute (Stockholm).

Through the combination of structural and cell biology methods, the authors proposed that catalysis of acetylation of SMC3, an essential step in the cohesion of sister chromatid, is mediated by ESCO1 through a substrate-assisted mechanism. Here is a link to the full-length article.

Reference :

Kouznetsova E., Kanno T., Karlberg T., Thorsell A.G., Wisniewska M., Kursula P., Sjögren C. and Schüler H. Sister Chromatid Cohesion Establishment Factor ESCO1 Operates by Substrate-Assisted Catalysis. Structure. 2016 May 3; 24 (5):789-96