ShapeSciFx ([ʃep si əfɛkts]) is a digital media company aiming at helping scientists (academic/industrial/publishers) to promote their science through the production of high quality visual contents. Our expertise both in the areas of science and media creation is the guarantee of scientifically accurate and visually appealing media.
Through the use of cutting-edge design technics and technologies, ShapeSciFx will allow you to turn any scientific concept into a professional looking media. The methods we use (such as 3D-modelling), besides their obvious esthetic features, will help the destinary of your message to understand it immediately. Moreover, the high standards of quality of our work (which is one of our moto together with accuracy, confidentiality and respect of deadlines) will also assure that you would give a very good first impression when compared with your competitors.
Due to its young age (the company was created in October 2014), ShapeSciFx is momentarily devoted to the creation and the production of pictures. Whether you need an image to translate a complicated concept into an easily understood scheme to illustrate a scientific article or to be used as a visual support for an oral presentation; whether you need a beautiful picture for your website, for a poster on a conference or to be used as a cover for a journal; ShapeSciFx can help you. In a near future, ShapeSciFx will also be able to produce movies (computer-generated or "real" footage ) and 3D-printed object to propose you some alternatives for you to present your message.
There is no stock of standard one-size-fits-all media at ShapeSciFx because we only work using a tailored, "à la carte" process. Each project is created according to the customer needs and will be realized following iterative cycles of interactions between ShapeSciFx and the customer. Thus, you will be assured that the final product will absolutely correspond to your original idea. Your interlocutors at ShapeSciFx are experienced scientists and are then perfectly aware of the requirements for scientific media (clarity, direct message, accuracy). This is the guarantee that your ideas will be understood and correctly interpreted leading to short timespan between the first contact and the delivery of the final product.


Digital Media for Scientists

ShapeSciFx aims at helping you to promote your science on the support of your choice. While we are working hard to soon be able to propose you high quality movies, 3D-printed objects and full-featured websites, ShapeSciFx is for now only able to create and deliver still pictures. The page accessible through the button below will inform you on the type of pictures, their format, the type of media they correspond (article, website, slideshow) and the technics used by ShapeSciFx to reach our high standards of quality.

If you are interested by the other options we plan to elaborate in a close future (animations, 3D-printed objects, websites), the link below will also provide you with informations concerning these developments and the estimated date of their availability.


"A la Carte" Interactive Design 

Whether you already have a very precise idea on the finish look of a product or you just have a story you want to tell or a technology you would like to promote, ShapeSciFx will be able to adapt its process to match your exact needs. After the first contact, we will brought you different suggestions. Then, you would be able to pick up the one you prefer. You will also be able to decide how many revisions you would like ShapeSciFx to perform before delivering the final product.

Customer satisfaction is fundamental for ShapeSciFx. Hence, you would have the opportunity to give us many feedbacks on our creations before the final version of the project. Follow the link below to gain a detailed description on how ShapeSciFx interacts with its customers and to get an overview of the cycle of a typical project.