Still pictures

Whether you have already imagined what should be the final look of your picture but you don´t know the technology (or don´t have the time) to produce it or if you only know the message you want to communicate, ShapeSciFx can help you to reach your audience.

Using a combination of state-of-art digital tools, there is no limit to the type of pictures we can generate. From a basic scheme to depict a process or a mechanism to complex photorealistic imagery loaded with special effects, you will find the exact type of image to suit your needs through discussions with our creative team.

Due to our strong experience in science (academic and industrial), ShapeSciFx will be able to perfectly adjust the balance between scientific accuracy and artistic freedom to produce a visually appealing picture without compromising the integrity of your message.

Technically, there is no restriction about resolution, color space or file format. You would be the one to decide under which form the final project should be delivered. If you are unsure, we can investigate for you and help you to choose. The same picture could also be delivered under different formats.

An overview of our recent projects can give you an idea of the different type of products we can produce and how we can help you to deliver your message.


If you are curious to know how you can use ShapeSciFx to obtain an "à la carte" product which will precisely match your expectations and your needs, the link below will bring you on a page where the whole process of interactions between ShapeSciFx and its customers are detailed.