R. Dovega, PhD thesis

Rebecca Dovega has granted ShapeSciFx the honor to choose this picture to illustrate the manuscript of her Ph.D. thesis, defended at Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) on December 11th, 2014. The title of the thesis is "Structural and functional studies of proteins in cell signaling and cancer" and the full text can be accessed here.

Using various technologies such as X-ray crystallography, isothermal calorimetry and cellular thermal shift assay, Rebecca has studied the two famous tumor suppressors, PP2A and p53. She has determined the structure of a new regulatory subunit in the PP2A complex and characterized its biophysical properties. She has also characterized the DNA-binding properties of various P53 mutants towards differents genes.

The cover represents P53 and PP2A complex acting in synergy to fight the cancer threat.