On this page, you will find a detailled description on how the interactions between the customers and ShapeSciFx are handled. The flowchart (on the right) resumes the different steps from the first contact between the customer to the delivery of the final product.

First contact

The contact is initiated by the customer. Getting in touch with us can be realized by following this link (or navigating to the "CONTACT US" tab in the menu) and filling up the form.

Once ShapeSciFx has received your demand, you´ll be contacted in brief delays.  We will then, together, decide on the procedure in order for ShapeSciFx to know in details your expectations (support, format, content, price, delay) and the story you would like us to illustrate for you. If a direct meeting is the favored approach, due to geographic limitations, visioconferences, phone conferences or discussion through e-mails are acceptable alternative solutions.

Presentation of the subject by the customer

Prior to this meeting, we will both sign an unilateral non-disclosure agreement. This will give you the security that any informations you will share with us will remain confidential.

During this meeting, ShapeSciFx and you will both decide on the support (still image is the only one available right now, but animations and 3D-printed objects will also become available in few weeks), on the quality (resolution for still frames) and delivery times.

We will also both agree whether you would authorize us to communicate about our collaboration and display the results of our work on this website. (When it is very important for ShapeSciFx to be able to present previous works, we will not prioritize our projects based upon this criteria).

You would be then asked to present different aspects of the subject (context, story you would like us to tell for you, common ways to represent this specific type of data or ideas) in order to assure that what ShapeSciFx will propose will match you expectations. Any assets from your side (slideshow, sketches) would be greatly welcome and will be a great help in order for us to design our different proposal.

We will then decide when (and how) we would be able to present you our ideas for your project.

Presentation of three different projects by ShapeSciFx

During a determined period (usually few days), we will work on our side on the design of three different ways to illustrate your project. We will present you these results (usually under the form of hand-drawn or digitally drawn sketches) and will explain you how we will see the final product (colors, lights, which idea or point we plan to highlight, special effects if any).

Together with the sketches, you will be presented with a quotation and an expected delivery time for each of the three projects.

(NB: you won´t be charged for all these preliminary steps. You would be charged only once you have accepted and selected a project presented on the quotation).

This second meeting will be concluded upon agreement on a date for you to choose one of the project.

For every project, you would have the opportunity to choose among one of our three formulas : "Standard", "One Revision", "Two Revisions". We will come back to this point in a further paragraph.

Customer choice

You will inform us which project you would like us to pursue (and which formula you would like to use). It is also absolutely possible for you (if you are not satisfied with our proposals) to propose a project on your own. If you choose this option, we would give you a quotation for your proposal the following day.

Once the decision has been taken, we will immediately start to work on the project and you would then be charged according to the amount presented in the quotation.

Delivery of the product

A version of the product would be uploaded on our FTP server (you will be informed on the method to access it, once the product would be ready) according to the timeline we agreed upon.

If you have selected the "Standard Formula", this version should be the final one and you would be invoiced.

If you have selected the "One Revision Formula", you would have the opportunity to ask us to perform some modifications to the product. You would only be invoiced once we have performed the modifications you suggested.

If you have selected the "Two Revisions Formula", you could repeat one more time the cycle "suggestion of modifications"/"delivery of a new product" compared to the "One Revision Formula". You would be invoiced only when the second revised version of the product would be uploaded on our FTP server.


The payment has to be performed in 30 days upon emission of the invoice.


Overview of the process

The cycle of a project. The three different formulas ("Standard", "One Revision" and "Two Revisions") proposed by ShapeSciFx are boxed in different colors.